$2.00 Domestic drafts all day
     $3.00 Domestic bottles all day

     $1.50 Domestic drafts 3pm-close
     $2.75 Domestic bottles 3pm-close
     $5.00 Shots
     $7.95 BBQ pulled pork sandwich (served with fries)
     $4.99 Cheese pizza
     Free Pool All Day
     $5.00 Bombs All Day
     $10.95 Steam Shrimp 1 lb All Day
     $1.50 Domestic drafts 3pm-close
     $2.75 Domestic bottles 3pm-close
     7 pm Starts Ladies Night 
     $6.00 Ladies Bottomless cup
     9 pm Karaoke w/ Dj Marcus

     $1.50 Domestic drafts 3pm-close
     $2.75 Domestic bottles  3pm-close
     $2.50 Craft drafts
     $5.00 bombers

     All day happy hour
     $1.50 domestic drafts
     $2.75 domestic bottles
     $7.95 Chicken Parmesan Sub (served with fries)

     $2.00 Domestic drafts 3pm-close
     $2.75 domestic Bottles 3pm-7pm
     $3.00 domestic bottles 3pm-close
     $0.25 cent buffet 4pm-7pm

     $2.00 domestic drafts all day
     $2.75 domestic bottles 3pm-7pm
     $3.00 domestic bottles after 7pm
     $12.00 Bloody Mary or Mimosa pitchers 11am-2pm
Early Bird special 11am-3pm Monday to Friday
     $2.50 domestic bottles 
     $1.50 domestic drafts

All Day Every Day
     $2.00 blue moon drafts
     $5.00 Pinnacle bombs

Mondays in February will be keep the pint night with Sam Adams
any one who buys a Sam Adams $4.50 gets $1.00 off refills on Sam Adams products in that glass.

Any time a Sam Adams product is bought during the month of March
a raffle ticket will be given.
E every Friday we will pull a ticket and give out something cool.
prizes have not been officially announced yet. (until i physically see them i wont say)

      Wearing Reckless Rics shirt gets you all day 
      $1.50 domestic drafts (must be wearing it )
On Monday February 9th we will be doing an encore Paint Night
for our Natty Boh beach inspired painting that previously sold out with "Painting the town" 

Our next paint night will be February 19th i believe