How to choose a home builder

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry wishes to have a lovely home, where they can raise their kids, entertain guests and retire peacefully. But what most people get is a house that turns out to be a nightmare. As your new home is a big investment, it’s prudent to choose a home builder who guarantees nothing else than quality. So instead of looking for the cheapest quote, seek excellent workmanship and exemplary design. Here are other factors to consider when separating the good from the ugly.


We often see collapsed structures in the news. If you’re not careful, you may feature in the news, not as a reporter, but as a disgruntled homeowner whose house has just given way. Reputable builders are known for building durable, stylish homes and following construction standards. Check online reviews to identify whether the home builder is reputable or not. Also, look at pictures of their previous constructions.


Most builders produce sleek marketing materials, from flyers to videos, in an aim to sell their skills and homes. They provide some valuable information, but it’s almost difficult to know their expertise and quality of work. To get a comprehensive view, visit the building site. Look at the houses under construction or renovation. If you’re impressed with the work, proceed to hire.

Resale value

When you move out or sell your house, the resale value can make the difference between making money and losing money. Builders who construct quality homes have a good track record of resale values. Poorly built units tend to sell at low prices. Look at prices of houses when new and when sold on the builder’s website. However, note that a new house depreciates in value as soon as it’s occupied.

Build warranty

Not many of us know what a building warranty is. Basically, it’s an insurance policy given to the owner or buyer. It covers property defects. For instance, if the windows are not sealed properly or the pipes are faulty after construction, the builder is required to come and repair them. The developer should provide a warranty or guarantee scheme. If they don’t, your house may not be built to the set standards.


Often, home builders offer deals such as free furnishings. Some may pay your stamp duty or legal fees. These incentives can help cut the cost of building a house. But it’s more important to make sure you have a place you’re happy to live in.

Professional organisations

Expert builders are hard to find. But associations of certified builders have made things easier. Members of these associations are the crème de la crèmes in the industry. If your house builder is a member, then your construction will be in safe hands. Check with these organisations before hiring anyone.

Other projects

Builders are increasingly looking for ways to earn money on the side. One of their favourite side hustles is maintaining public spaces. If the builder owns or manages a communal space (hallway, garden or park), it shows they’re versatile. Besides, they can add value to your home, especially in the outdoor spaces.

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