The Art of Choosing Gift Baskets

When it comes to holidays and special occasions, gift baskets are a popular choice. They come in a variety of themes and different price ranges. This makes it easy and convenient to choose the right basket. Planning to send your friend, parents or co-workers a gift? Here are tips to pick the perfect gift and gift basket.

Gifts for Friends and Family

  • Consider the preferences and tastes of the recipient. Do they like cooking or prefer easy-to-eat goodies? Are they sweet tooths or health nuts?
  • Choose something special and unique. It has to communicate your feelings and express your love for the receiver.
  • To make a lasting impression, send a gift that’s full of treats and foods – not fillers. If the recipient has food allergies (or special dietary needs), select something that they’ll enjoy.
  • The gift basket has to be custom-made. Don’t pick a basket that isn’t customizable. Good packages look stylish and are assembled with care.
  • Choose a gift shop that offers multiple shipping options. What you send should be received as you except.

Perfect Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts nurture and improve loyalty, rapport and reputation. Often, the gift is sent to say congratulations, sorry or thank you. Whether the recipient is a client or business colleague, you must practice proper etiquette.

  • Contact their company and ask if they restrict gift-giving. Certain companies have strict policies. It’s advisable to follow their rules.
  • Have a gift card to avoid the “dreaded” mystery gift.
  • Consider any dietary and religious restrictions.
  • Gifts for colleagues and employees are okay – not gifts for the boss.
  • Most corporate gifts comprise gourmet foods like cheese, chocolate, coffee, crackers, salmon and snacks.

Think About Their Favourite Things

Recipients have competing preferences. Some love salty items and others have sweet taste buds. Do they prefer wine to beer? Are the kids chocoholic or candy heads? Buy a gift basket that suits their tastes.

Look at Your Budget

Your budget dictates what kind of gift basket you can buy. No matter your budget, there’s a basket for you. Gift stores have a range of options, both cost-effective and high-end varieties. In fact, there’s a spectacular gift basket at every price point. Recipients won’t feel like they’re missing something.

Size of the Gift Basket

Consider spacious baskets with many flavours. For a unique and enjoyable gourmet experience, pick a basket with an assortment of sauces, pasta and flavoured oils. Baskets with an array of salsas, whether medium, mild or extra hot, are practical and satiating.

Style and Colour

Select a colour, style and shape that the recipient likes. The contents of the gift basket should be fascinating – not disgusting. Choose natural, organic or gluten-free products. Such gifts are indulgent and healthy. Folks with food sensitivity prefer something that’s not allergic.

Friends, family members and business associates expect a wonderful gift. What you should send them is an elegant gourmet, corporate or housewarming basket. When making your decision, use your best judgement and remember who you’re shopping for. Don’t risk breaking ties with an ally or kin because of yucky gifts. Lucky Bundle & Twine are locals and have some of the most sophisticated gift boxes & basket going around. See their full range at