How do you choose a good naturopath?

It’s surprising that most people are very good at shopping than they are at selecting a primary care doctor. But shopping is fun, and you only need a doctor when you’re seriously ill. Many of you may argue that way, but at the end of the day, your health is more precious than a new iPhone 8 or a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes.

Naturopathy has become popular and mainstream. However, navigating the healthcare system and finding the right naturopath is not as easy as shopping online or picking an item from the mall stalls. Because we care about your health and wellness, we’ve compiled some tips to keep in mind when looking for and selecting a naturopathic doctor.


Naturopaths are graduates of accredited medical schools. They are certified practitioners, who are trained in alternative and conventional modalities. Also, they provide a holistic approach to health. That said, as a patient, it’s good to know where the doctor received training and education, and if they belong to a recognized association. Knowing the naturopath’s professional background and education can put your mind to rest as you consider them to be your healthcare provider.


Most naturopaths double up as primary care doctors. Others specialise in different medical areas and receive comprehensive training. When looking for a physician, it’s crucial to know your health needs. Only then can you find a doctor who specializes in your area of interest. Knowing why the naturopath chose a certain area of medicine can also be eye-opening and enlightening. Therefore, have a conversation with your potential medic about their speciality, training, and professional experience.


No relationship can work without communication. Primarily, doctors should communicate with other providers and keep patients informed. Good communication between a patient, a doctor, and other health professionals is essential to good health and well-being. Important questions to ask your naturopath are: How will you communicate with me in between visits? And will you be communicating with my current doctor to ensure appropriate attention and care?

Online presence

Savvy naturopaths use social media to promote themselves, their expertise, and speciality. You too can use social media to know the practitioner better by seeing what they’re passionate about, what they write about, and how they impact the community. It’s an added advantage if the physician has an online presence, uses social media, and contributes valuable content that’s informative and understandable. A naturopath in Adelaide that is successfully implementing this strategy is Alex Fisher Health – naturopath.


Many doctors, naturopathic and medical, prefer cash-payments to insurance. Wonder why? Well, insurance doesn’t cover certain procedures and it limits doctors from providing quality service. It’s great if the naturopath delivers exceptional service and care, whether you present insurance or pay out-of-pocket.

Personal health

Find out what the physician does to maintain and improve their health. After all, how can they take care of your health if they can’t take care of theirs? So ask them how their diet is, how they manage stress, what they do for physical exercise, and how their quality of sleep is. This is just one way to determine if the naturopath practices what they preach.