Finding an artificial plant supplier

When starting your search for a new artificial plant supplier, the initial thought is to look for the lowest cost or the best price. However, it’s more important to look for the long-term value. Cutting corners won’t help if the products are sub-standard and they don’t arrive on time. Looking past the price, there are several areas to research before making your ultimate decision.

Product information

Detailed product descriptions can help you determine if the supplier has the products you require. If the supplier provides product specs, it shows that they are willing to be helpful, they value your time and are eager to win and maintain your business.

Accessible inventory information

The ability to know what inventory the supplier has currently is a big advantage. It is an indication of their ability to offer what you need and their commitment to have you as a customer.

Know their scalability

Find out how flexible the artificial plant supplier is when it comes to delivering high volume and small quantity orders. If you want smaller quantities to start out, you will readily find a supplier that provides that volume. When you scale to order large shipments, you will certainly outgrow your initial supplier. Knowing the growth pattern of the product you are obtaining before you choose a supplier will enable you to partner with a dealer that can scale with you.

Customer service

Expect the best and plan for the worst. Assess the customer service offered by each prospective supplier. If you are operating in a 24/7 economy that requires contacting the supplier during the day and in the night, factor this in your search. A deeper understanding of their return policy and contract language should be revealed as well. For example, look at

Payment terms

Identify a faux plant supplier that is willing to accept your payment requirements. As delivery timelines and long-term need can dictate billing options, don’t be shy to ask what you require to run your business efficiently.

Contactable references

As always, a reference from another business that deals with the supplier can shed light on their true abilities. A reputable supplier should have a list of content clients for you to call.

Check certifications

Most fake plant buyers overlook supplier certifications. Each project expands due to capability certifications and base quality. As suppliers don’t always make these available, check The Source Directory or Supply Nation to find a certified service provider and quality goods.

Delivery statistics

Ask for on-time delivery rates and lead time projections. If these can’t be provided, then it’s a good sign that the supplier is not being tracked or is not very good.

Distribution locations

Obviously, costs and delivery capabilities will differ depending on the locations a supplier offers. You can get a good deal from a smaller business with multiple suppliers or a single location.

Geopolitical impacts

If you order artificial plants from overseas, be sure to analyse the possibility of unrest in the countries you rely on. Political upheaval or fluctuation in labour relations can leave you without the required product.