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Finding An Electrician

Locating A Sparky In Your Locality

Electrical problems are common occurrences in residential and commercial properties. When you face an electrical issue in your property, ensure it is repaired immediately. This is necessary because failure to do so might lead to damages and costly repairs. One essential thing you should note is that all electrical fixes are best left to a professional – Electrician because of the risks involved in the process. As you look for an electrician to help you out, keep these pointers in mind.


Never entrust your electrical project to a sparky you do not know well because unqualified electricians claim to offer a full list of electrical services, which is rarely the case. The best way to know the true reputation of an electrician is by searching for reviews given by their past clients. Do so to find the comments and complaints given regarding their work. It is recommended that you work with an electrician with the most positive reviews and high ratings.


It is worth noting that electricians specialise in multiple areas. So as you look for one to hire, check the area they specialise in. If you have a problem with your lighting system, find an electrician with knowledge in lighting systems. On the other hand, if it is one of your electrical appliances that has broken down, find a specialist in this area. Working with a specialist guarantees you high-quality electrical repairs.


Price is an obvious consideration when looking for an electrician. You should perform a thorough comparison of the rates charged by different sparkies. This way, you will be better able to decide on the one with the best deal. One important thing to consider is that the price charged is an indication of the quality of results to expect. Therefore, avoid those with low rates because chances are high you will get low-quality electrical services from them. The best electrician charges a reasonable price that is neither too low nor too high.


When you have an electrical issue, do not wait for days before getting the right solution to the problem. So you need to work with an expert electrician who is readily available when you need them. If possible, consider working with an electrician in your locality or closest to you, so that when you call them, they arrive at your place within a few minutes. Check that your potential electrician offers emergency electrical services.


There are risks involved when working on any electrical project. The significant dangers involved include fires and injuries. As you do your search, only entrust your project to an electrician with a liability insurance cover as well as worker’s compensation. This ensures that in case any problem arises when they are working on your property, you are not held liable.

Financial Advisor Fees

What To Know About Financial Advisor Fees

Hiring an experienced financial advisor can be a great way to achieve your financial goals, ensure a secure retirement or grow your Adelaide business. However, compensation and fee rate structures vary a lot from experts to experts, making it difficult to find out how much money you have to pay and whether you are dealing a fair deal. With that in mind, we’ve made a list of what you should understand about advisor fees before you make the final decision.

Fee Structure

Generally, there are five ways a registered financial advisor often charges for their services:

  • Hourly charge: a fee charged every hour, commonly for consulting or special projects
  • Fixed rate: a fixed amount of fee paid for the services, such as creating a financial plan
  • Percentage of managed assets
  • Commissions: extra compensation when a trade or purchase is made
  • Performance-based fee: additional fees when a goal is outperformed

Understand the fee structure of a financial advisor

Fee-only financial advisors are only compensated by their clients with a percentage-based, hourly, or fixed fee and won’t get any additional compensations from products sales, referrals, or investment commissions. Many people often use the terms “fee-based” and “fee-only” interchangeably, but there is a significant difference between them.

Fee-based experts might get a fee for their services, along with compensations. That’s why they are sometimes referred to as commission and fee advisors. Commission-based financial advisors get their compensations based on the types of investment they select. The compensations might come from commissions paid by mutual funds or a sales charge of a product like life insurance or annuity.

Extra Costs

The usual fees wouldn’t be all that you have to pay when hiring a financial advisor. In some cases, you must be responsible for transaction fees or third-party expenses. For example, if your expert uses exchange-traded funds or mutual funds in your accounts, you will need to pay the costs related to those funds. On average, the cost for a mutual fund often ranges from 0.5% to 1.25%. This seems to be a small rate, but it can actually cost you a lot of money. Thus, make sure to ask for any additional costs in addition to fees before hiring a financial advisor.

Financial Planner Fee Structure

How to know your advisor fee is fair?

Before agreeing to hire a financial advisor, ensure that you understand the fee structure and which services include in that fee. Some experts might charge extra for a few programs and services. It should not be hard for them to explain to you how they can add value to your investments. If you only hear elusive or roundabout answers. It is better to choose another one. If they tell you not to be worried about costs, it can be a red flag as nobody wants to work for free, except for fraudsters. Lastly, you should also check if they are a fiduciary to ensure a higher-quality service.

How to minimize advisor fees?

In general, investors with less managed assets often have to pay a larger part of their assets in advisor fees. Determine if a robo-advisor or a traditional expert is better for your situations. Robo-advisors often have lower minimums and fees. If you decide to hire a traditional professional, it is a good idea to choose a fee-only advisor instead of a fee-based expert as the fee structures can be simpler and have fewer possibilities for conflicts of interest.

Save On Wedding Invitations

Stretch Your Wedding Budget By Saving On Wedding Stationery

Finding the most unique styles for invitations Adelaide can be a challenging task. So here’s information on how to do it yourself or with professional help.

Pick The Right Stationer

Online shops and stationery stores have a myriad of styles and more competitive prices. Ask your stationer to use recycled domestic paper instead of handmade, imported or cotton-rag options, which are expensive. There are many colour picks, so you won’t sacrifice style.

Keep It Simple

The more formal and personalised you make your wedding stationery, the more you will spend. Coloured ink, custom designs and top-of-the-line papers can all have an impact on your spending. Cut your costs by picking one wow element and choosing a less detailed design or a more affordable printing technique.

Plain Envelopes

Go plain to save a few bucks. Envelopes are normally thrown out, and if you forego the fancy prints, no one will notice. So put that cash toward something on your to-do or must-have list. Do without the liners or DIY them with a template, pretty paper and glue dots.

Utilise Your Wedding Website

Instead of sharing information about transportation and accommodation using enclosure cards, keep guests up-to-date through your website. At the bottom of your invitation, print a line that sends guests to your bridal blog. There they can access everything regarding your wedding. Comments pave the way for discussion. Clarify everything by responding to the comments.

Lighten Up

The size and shape of your invites can affect the budget of mailing them. Heavy or oddly shaped invitations will hike the price, so limit extras and stick to standard sizes. Enclosure cards can add weight to an envelope, making postage expensive. Square envelopes don’t fit through postal machines, costing more to mail than rectangular ones.

Do It Yourself

From computerised calligraphy to printing kits, DIYing is easier than ever. You can print your own wedding invitations and save-the-dates and make your own programs and escort cards. You’re good to go if you’re good at designs. Just order blank invites then save a bundle by designing them yourself. For a classy look, adorn them with a ribbon.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact, so save more in five more ways.

  1. Go Paperless

Sending paper wedding invitations is okay but don’t leave a paper trail for everything else. Keep guests in the loop via an electronic invitation. Stretch your budget a bit more by sending your save-the-dates this way as well.

  1. Minimise Card Space

Squeeze the invitation information into a single card rather than two. That’s possible if the info is made brief and straight to the point. No one would like to read an essay on an invitation card.

  1. Order Enough Material

Buy sufficient supplies to avoid last minute deficiencies. Stationers may charge more when supplying emergency materials.

  1. Leverage Technology

Digital printing is cheaper and more efficient than manual designs. Labour-intensive techniques like engraving and letterpress take up time and drain your pocketbook.

  1. Start Writing

Don’t want to pony up for calligraphy? Buy a calligraphy stamp for RSVP envelopes and return addresses or write addresses yourself.

Common Building Flaws

Defects Building Inspectors Normally Find In Their Line Of Work

Tо thе untrаinеd еyе, structurаl flаws аnd lеаks mаy pаss unnоticеd. Аs timе gоеs by, thеsе bitty prоblеms cаn bеcоmе biggy, lеаding tо cоmprоmisеd structurаl intеgrity. Thе lоngеr а dеfеct is оvеrlооkеd, thе wоrsеr it bеcоmеs аnd thе mоrе it will cоst tо fix.

If yоu livе in а fixеr-uppеr оr аrе lооking tо buy а hоmе, get a building inspection аnd yоu mаy uncоvеr thеsе dеfеcts.


Dеfеctivе еlеctricаl wiring is оnе cоmmоn cаusе оf rеsidеntiаl firеs. Sо cоnsidеr thе numbеr оf еlеctricаl оutlеts prеsеnt in а hоmе. Tоо fеw оutlеts cаn rеsult in thе оvеrusе оf еxtеnsiоn cоrds, which plаcеs tоо much strеss оn thе еlеctricаl systеm. Аlsо bе mindful оf аny еxpоsеd wirеs. This is оftеn sееn аftеr doing a home improvement project in thе bаsеmеnt, gаrаgе оr аttic. If аny wirеs аrе еxpоsеd, а licеnsеd spаrkiе shоuld bе cаllеd tо rеmеdy thе prоblеm.


Dоn’t fоrgеt thаt а hоmе’s rооf will аgе аlоng with thе rеst оf thе dwеlling. Thе еffеcts оf аgеing will vаry, dеpеnding оn thе rооfing mаtеriаl. Pаy clоsе аttеntiоn tо sее if а building inspеctiоn nоtеs аll signs оf аgеing. Thеsе includе cupping, curling, crаcking, blistеring, splitting, rоtting, insеct dаmаgе аnd missing sеctiоns. Such symptоms оf аn аgеing rооf аrе wаrning signs оf futurе wаtеr intrusiоn. Instаlling а nеw rооf is thе bеst sоlutiоn, but еxpеnsivе.


Idеаlly, whеn а hоmе is bеing built, thе lоt is grаdеd tо аllоw wаtеr tо drаin оff. If thе lаnd is pооrly grаdеd аnd wаtеr dоеsn’t drаin wеll, еxpеct flооding nеаr thе fоundаtiоn. This cаn cаusе а multitudе оf prоblеms. A good building inspector will nоticе fоundаtiоn mоvеmеnt аnd rоtting wооd frаmе. If thеsе flаws аrе nоtеd, undеrstаnd thаt rеpаirs will bе cоstly.


If fаulty plumbing is prеsеnt, thе prоblеms cаn bе substаntiаl. Plumbing is hiddеn bеhind thе wаlls, sо it cаn bе difficult tо spоt а prоblеm. But thе mоst cоmmоnly fоund issuеs аrе pipе lеаks аnd оut-dаtеd systеms. Еvеn thе smаllеst оf lеаks cаn lеаd tо big wаtеr dаmаgе оvеr timе. If thе whоlе systеm is оut-dаtеd, cеrtаin rеpаirs cаn bе mаdе tо fix оld plumbing mаtеriаls, but sоmеtimеs thе еntirе systеm just nееds tо bе rеplаcеd.


Dаmаgе tо drivеwаy, gаrаgе аnd vеrаndа slаbs is quitе cоmmоn. Whilе smаll crаcks sееm minimаl аnd аrеn’t аn urgеnt cоncеrn, damage should be monitored. Whеn crаcks stаrt оpеning up, wаtеr sееps in аnd bеgins tо cоrrоdе thе stееl rеinfоrcing thе slаb, cаusing thе оnsеt оf cоncrеtе cаncеr. Аddrеss this dеfеct sооnеr rаthеr thаn lаtеr, аs thе lоngеr it’s lеft, thе hаrdеr аnd mоrе еxpеnsivе it bеcоmеs tо dеаl with.


Sеriоus wаtеr infiltrаtiоn cаn cоst а fоrtunе in rеpаir. Wоrsе, it nоt оnly аffеcts lеаky rооfs. Windоws аnd fаcаdеs аrе аlsо suscеptiblе. Fаcаdе lеаks оftеn аppеаr аs wаtеr spоts аnd unsightly mаrks in wаlls. Windоw lеаks аrе usuаlly duе tо fаulty instаllаtiоn. Spоtting thеsе dеfеcts еаrly is impоrtаnt tо аllоw fоr а quick fix. (Resource:

Thаt’s nоt аll. Check out more defects fоund during а building inspеctiоn and FAQ that people commonly have.

Termite Inspectors Adelaide

Hiring A Termite Inspector: The Process And What to Avoid

Termites eat the timber in your home. But getting rid of them shouldn’t eat up your wallet. The following explains the process of getting a termite inspector on board.

Research Termite Inspections

Ask people in your circle for referrals, and search the Internet or Yellow Pages for local inspectors. Check with your local pest control agency to verify that each inspector you consider is legitimate.

Contact Potentials

Ask if they belong to any professional organisation. Such participation suggests that they’re reputable. Find out who’ll perform the inspection and their experience level.

Schedule Inspection

Request a termite inspection from 3 or more companies. Obtain a written report from each, detailing everything, from infested areas and required treatments to work materials and warranty options. Clarify whether or not you’ll be staying in your residence during the treatment.

Review Reports and Estimates

Make sure you understand them. See if there are guarantees and if work can be done for free during a guaranteed period. Compare the cost of labour and other items, especially the materials to be used. Ensure that you’re comfortable with those materials.

Select a Termite Inspector

After analysing each inspector, hire the one whose skills and price you prefer. Get a contract and compare it to the first estimate. Confirm that no changes have been made. If everything looks good, sign the contract. If you’re looking for a  local termite inspector in Adelaide, visit: – termite and pest inspections for more specific information on the process.

Schedule the Treatment

Choose a time that’s convenient for you. Make sure your home’s available for the amount of time you were told it’d take to finish the job.

When it comes to termite inspections and hiring termite inspectors, not many people are in the know. Most folks DIY or hire out of desperation, which makes matters worse. Since you want a lasting solution to termite problems, look for a reliable termite control company. While at it, avoid these blunders.

Not Checking on Experience

Learn how much experience the company has in the industry. Are they starting out or have they been in business for decades? If they’re new, do they have the skill to solve your issue?

Hiring Over the Phone

When you see termite wings, droppings or mud holes, you need an instant fix. It’s easy to hire anyone who answers your call first. Instead of making a rash decision, interview potential termite inspectors.

Not Obtaining a Written Plan

Get an estimate of costs and a plan of what will be done. Be wary if the plan isn’t in writing. Chances are the company won’t do what they promised. A written plan ensures all steps that were agreed upon are adhered to.

Choosing the Lowest Bid Over the Best Plan

Choose a plan that’ll provide the best solution, not the cheapest plan available. Budget concerns matter, but you’ll incur extra costs if the problem is fixed shoddily at first. A prudent approach is finding a comprehensive plan that gives you value, and will get results.

Ignoring Online Reviews

Unbiased reviews from real clients reveal if the company in question can do what they claim they can. Reviews are available on Yelp, Google and social media.

Car Detailing Business Success

Tips To Flourish In The Auto Detailing World

Millennials in this information age have a silver spoon in their mouths. With today’s Internet, people are able to grow their businesses, easier and faster. In the mid-eighties, when the Internet was just a concept, it would take ages to develop customer bases and multiply sales. Today, as almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry is online, entrepreneurs have infinite chances to acquire clients.

As a budding auto detailer, your success lies online – and offline too! Since you’re a newbie in the automotive industry, chances are, you’re struggling to make ends meet. But after reading this article, you’ll have the knowledge and strategy necessary to climb up the corporate ladder.

It Starts With Passion

If you love cars, whether it’s driving, washing or detailing, you’re on the right path. Passion drives us. That’s why you hate your job and boss and want to start an auto detailing business. To know you’re a good detailer, just wash your car and watch how your family and friends react. You know you’ve made it if they applaud your work and ask you to detail their cars. Now that you have some fans, you’re ready to test the waters.

Start At Home

A home-based business is a great starting point. As long as your neighbours own cars, your business is booming. Through word-of-mouth, everyone in your neighbourhood will know you detail cars. If that doesn’t work, you can drive around in your spotless ride. A clean car, with a glossy finish, is easy to notice. Don’t be surprised when other drivers halt you on the road to ask you where you bought or serviced your car. Use that opportunity to advertise yourself.

Expand A Bit

Most people in your vicinity know you detail cars for a living. Now, what next? As more and more folks subscribe to your services, consider expansion. It’s time to move from your home garage to a shop in town. Before you make that bold move, you have to think about costs. Renting a commercial premise isn’t cheap. If you’re on a shoestring budget, but can afford to buy a van, venture into mobile auto detailing. Brand the van with smart stickers, which display your business name and logo. Now drive around your area and in other suburbs.

Design Marketing Materials

Get some professional- and nice-looking business cards. No need to worry if you suck at design. An expert designer can do all the designing and printing for you. Turn your business name into a logo and touch it up with unique designs. Now hand out those business cards to everyone you meet in your line of work.

Dress Like A Professional

Your van is clean and branded. What about you? Presentation is important. How you dress and look can scare away or appeal to customers. Having business uniforms is unrealistic. Just buy some T-Shirts and print your logo on them.

Create A Website

A functional, appealing and user-friendly website is your marketing “hero”. On your website, add pictures of sparkly rides and write several blogs about car detailing. It’s that simple.

We recommend none other than – car detailing for automotive detailing in Adelaide. Contact them directly for more information.

Finding Wedding Videographers

Find the Right Wedding Videographer

There’s nothing more wonderful than capturing wedding moments. You’re wedding the love of your life and you don’t want to miss the smiles and dances that crown your big day. And, as we all know, videos are worth a million words. Hiring a wedding videographer makes your wedding not only graceful but also memorable. Read our guide to find your dream videographer.

Watch Videos

Scour the Internet for wedding clips. In this search, leave no stone unturned. Similarly, watch the wedding videos of your married friends and family. Pay attention to the lighting, pacing and wedding story. Many videographers show their best and recent works on social media. Check out these videos to discover what style suits you.

Get Recommendations

Start with your wedding planner. This wedding professional knows a few stellar videographers and is happy to recommend one. Recommendations save time and help you find the right expert. After all, vendors recommend candidates that fit the bill.

Online Reviews

Read tons of wedding reviews. Since this is your first wedding, it’s good to rely on newlyweds. Besides quality work, consider the connection between the couple and videographer. Having great rapport with a videographer is essential.

Search Early

Begin your search and research early. Before you look for a videographer, choose a wedding venue and date. Videographers won’t book you if you have no plans in place. Some studios offer videography and photography. This is a hassle-free way to reserve both services.

Narrow Down

By now, you have a long list of potential wedding videographers. Strike off anyone who doesn’t thrill you. Don’t spare those who don’t do weddings in the area where you’ll hold yours. With your short list, watch some of their videos and select your favourites.

Make Some Dates

Set up a date with the top picks. These are the videographers who impress you. Spring and summer are wedding seasons. At this time of the year, videographers travel for weddings or attend to existing clients. So it would be difficult to schedule a meeting with them.

Meet and Greet

Be ready to answer the questions about your wedding. Prepare your questions too. During the meeting, show the candidates the videos you like. Such videos present the styles and stories you prefer. After watching the video, the videographer should talk about their work and approach.

Work Out Your Budget

Weddings are costly. It costs money to entertain friends and family. Hiring and decorating the venue isn’t cheap either. On top of that, you have to hire a wedding videographer. Find out if videography fits your budget.

Sign the Contract

Read the contract with your partner. Know how much you’ll pay, how many hours the videographer will work, and when the wedding video will be ready. If, in the contract, there’s something you don’t understand or didn’t discuss beforehand, ask for clarification.

Be thorough and firm throughout this process. You don’t want any bad surprises on your big day. Lazy around and another couple will snatch your wedding videographer.

Choose Gift Basket

The Art of Choosing Gift Baskets

When it comes to holidays and special occasions, gift baskets are a popular choice. They come in a variety of themes and different price ranges. This makes it easy and convenient to choose the right basket. Planning to send your friend, parents or co-workers a gift? Here are tips to pick the perfect gift and gift basket.

Gifts for Friends and Family

  • Consider the preferences and tastes of the recipient. Do they like cooking or prefer easy-to-eat goodies? Are they sweet tooths or health nuts?
  • Choose something special and unique. It has to communicate your feelings and express your love for the receiver.
  • To make a lasting impression, send a gift that’s full of treats and foods – not fillers. If the recipient has food allergies (or special dietary needs), select something that they’ll enjoy.
  • The gift basket has to be custom-made. Don’t pick a basket that isn’t customizable. Good packages look stylish and are assembled with care.
  • Choose a gift shop that offers multiple shipping options. What you send should be received as you except.

Perfect Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts nurture and improve loyalty, rapport and reputation. Often, the gift is sent to say congratulations, sorry or thank you. Whether the recipient is a client or business colleague, you must practice proper etiquette.

  • Contact their company and ask if they restrict gift-giving. Certain companies have strict policies. It’s advisable to follow their rules.
  • Have a gift card to avoid the “dreaded” mystery gift.
  • Consider any dietary and religious restrictions.
  • Gifts for colleagues and employees are okay – not gifts for the boss.
  • Most corporate gifts comprise gourmet foods like cheese, chocolate, coffee, crackers, salmon and snacks.

Think About Their Favourite Things

Recipients have competing preferences. Some love salty items and others have sweet taste buds. Do they prefer wine to beer? Are the kids chocoholic or candy heads? Buy a gift basket that suits their tastes.

Look at Your Budget

Your budget dictates what kind of gift basket you can buy. No matter your budget, there’s a basket for you. Gift stores have a range of options, both cost-effective and high-end varieties. In fact, there’s a spectacular gift basket at every price point. Recipients won’t feel like they’re missing something.

Size of the Gift Basket

Consider spacious baskets with many flavours. For a unique and enjoyable gourmet experience, pick a basket with an assortment of sauces, pasta and flavoured oils. Baskets with an array of salsas, whether medium, mild or extra hot, are practical and satiating.

Style and Colour

Select a colour, style and shape that the recipient likes. The contents of the gift basket should be fascinating – not disgusting. Choose natural, organic or gluten-free products. Such gifts are indulgent and healthy. Folks with food sensitivity prefer something that’s not allergic.

Friends, family members and business associates expect a wonderful gift. What you should send them is an elegant gourmet, corporate or housewarming basket. When making your decision, use your best judgement and remember who you’re shopping for. Don’t risk breaking ties with an ally or kin because of yucky gifts. Lucky Bundle & Twine are locals and have some of the most sophisticated gift boxes & basket going around. See their full range at

Choosing A Home Builder

How to choose a home builder

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry wishes to have a lovely home, where they can raise their kids, entertain guests and retire peacefully. But what most people get is a house that turns out to be a nightmare. As your new home is a big investment, it’s prudent to choose a home builder who guarantees nothing else than quality. So instead of looking for the cheapest quote, seek excellent workmanship and exemplary design. Here are other factors to consider when separating the good from the ugly.


We often see collapsed structures in the news. If you’re not careful, you may feature in the news, not as a reporter, but as a disgruntled homeowner whose house has just given way. Reputable builders are known for building durable, stylish homes and following construction standards. Check online reviews to identify whether the home builder is reputable or not. Also, look at pictures of their previous constructions.


Most builders produce sleek marketing materials, from flyers to videos, in an aim to sell their skills and homes. They provide some valuable information, but it’s almost difficult to know their expertise and quality of work. To get a comprehensive view, visit the building site. Look at the houses under construction or renovation. If you’re impressed with the work, proceed to hire.

Resale value

When you move out or sell your house, the resale value can make the difference between making money and losing money. Builders who construct quality homes have a good track record of resale values. Poorly built units tend to sell at low prices. Look at prices of houses when new and when sold on the builder’s website. However, note that a new house depreciates in value as soon as it’s occupied.

Build warranty

Not many of us know what a building warranty is. Basically, it’s an insurance policy given to the owner or buyer. It covers property defects. For instance, if the windows are not sealed properly or the pipes are faulty after construction, the builder is required to come and repair them. The developer should provide a warranty or guarantee scheme. If they don’t, your house may not be built to the set standards.


Often, home builders offer deals such as free furnishings. Some may pay your stamp duty or legal fees. These incentives can help cut the cost of building a house. But it’s more important to make sure you have a place you’re happy to live in.

Professional organisations

Expert builders are hard to find. But associations of certified builders have made things easier. Members of these associations are the crème de la crèmes in the industry. If your house builder is a member, then your construction will be in safe hands. Check with these organisations before hiring anyone.

Other projects

Builders are increasingly looking for ways to earn money on the side. One of their favourite side hustles is maintaining public spaces. If the builder owns or manages a communal space (hallway, garden or park), it shows they’re versatile. Besides, they can add value to your home, especially in the outdoor spaces.

As Reckless, are an Adelaide based blog we always like to give back to the community by recommending the top businesses on the topics we write about. If you are wanting to build your dream home, but struggling to select a builder, one of the top rated companies is Kookaburra Homes – builders.

Building Your First Self-Storage Business

Wanting to build your first self-storage business? Follow these secrets

On paper, building a self-storage business seems easy and cheap. In reality, it’s much more complicated and pricey. Most owners and developers fail in their quest due to poor location, high construction costs and too many units. You don’t want to fall in this pack. So what should you do differently?

For starters, you have to locate a site where demand exists. Lately, new self-storage developments are scarce. This allows existing facilities to stabilize and new entrepreneurs to enter the market. To capitalize on your business venture, you have to start off on the right foot.

Here’s how:

Select a location

Evaluate the market first. Find where competitors are located. Older sites with only 70% occupancy mean the market is soft. So look somewhere else. An area with more than 90% occupancy is ideal. Investigate the available land. Make sure it’s good for self-storage development. Also, check whether the area is appropriately zoned. Self-storage businesses are only allowed in “light industrial” and “business highway” zones.

The land you select should be suitable for construction of storage units. Ideally, you’re looking for a flat, properly zoned property that is affordable and highly visible. Position yourself close to renters or an area with a lot of traffic. Hope the land you find is large enough to build a lucrative facility.

Economic feasibility

Every owner desires to build a profitable self-storage business. This cannot be done in a day. Many factors must be considered and several measures need to be taken. First, lay out your site. Outline a design that keeps the facility full and maximises potential profit. Many customers prefer driveway spaces for convenience. But this may take up too much space.

To maximise profitability, consider extra-wide, single-storey buildings. This increases your rentable space. Adding climate control to the units increases rental rates. Adding extra levels is a great idea too. However, elevators are costly and staircases consume a lot of space. Evaluate competitor rates and building costs in your area before beginning construction.

Plan ahead

Develop a site plan. Make sure the office layout is attractive and functional. Accessibility is crucial. Customers don’t have to walk through the gate to get into the office. Design driveways that don’t block the street or sidewalks. And avoid creating dead-ends. Most people are not good at driving backwards – especially in rental trucks.

Once you know where and how you want to construct, take the plan to the local planning authority. The board will review the plan and offer recommendations. Their requirements cost additional money, but they enable you to build a nicer facility. If the architectural standards are too costly, look for an existing vacant building and convert it into self-storage.


Once the planning commission approves your plans, begin construction straightaway. Ensure the facility is built properly and on time. This is only viable if you have a team of experts. Therefore, look for a reputable building supplier and hire experienced builders.

Choose a building that is easy to maintain and economical to insure. Consider proper drainage, good lighting and right ventilation. Hopefully, construction work will end soon. After all, you need to be in business as early as tomorrow. If would like a business to model, be sure to check out Able Self Storage – storage Adelaide.

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